I am a happily married mother of four great kiddos. This is the story of our lives as we navigate our life’s journey. It may have happy stories, it may have sad stories, and it may have bits of silliness and nonsense thrown in the mix as well.

A quick run-down of the main travelers:

The Hubs – He’s been my rock for a long time. He works for a hospital software company that has home offices in Minneapolis and in Dallas, but he works from home when he isn’t on the road. He travels a LOT. The entire US is his territory. So, sometimes he’s gone for very long stretches, which means I have to be both parents during that time. When he’s gone, we try to Skype often so the kids can see/talk to him. It’s stressful, but it’s the job.

Superwoman – aka, Me 🙂 haha… I am a college educated woman who, after the birth of my second child, realized that I didn’t want a career after all. My passion was in taking care of my family. I didn’t get to realize that passion until the birth of my third child though. Like many people, the hubs and I had to work because we had bills and debt that needed to be paid. We couldn’t afford to be a one-income family yet. That changed when we had our third child because it was more cost effective for me to stay home. Daycare for 3 kids would have been outrageously expensive, so we’ve been treading water (financially) and trying to see how long we can make this work out.

Dill Pickle – our oldest son. He’s a super-smarty-pants and he loves to read.

Bella-boo – our oldest daughter. She’s a dancing queen who is JUST like her father.

Wyn – our youngest daughter. Recently upgraded to big sister status after our newest was born. She is the “me too” of the family!

Baby John – what the girls call him. He’s the newest traveler to our journey. My other sweet baby boy.


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