Happy Anniversary to us!

I really need to get better about this blogging thing. I kind of have an excuse though. There have been way too many things going on lately and really, there are some things that I still can’t really and truly express without worrying about backlash for something. When I hit that topic, you’ll know.

Anyway, in all the hustle and bustle that was our trip to Auburn in December, our (the hubs and I) 5 year wedding anniversary came and went. I probably mentioned it in the previous post, but my brother and his new wife got married on December 15, which was our anniversary date. They didn’t intend to pick our anniversary date. It actually turned out to be the best date for them, so they went with it. So, on our 5 year anniversary, the hubs and I were at a wedding. And just for fun, here’s a side by side – 2007 and 2012:

5 Years

Surprisingly, we actually have zero gray hairs! Well, I’m speaking for myself mainly, but the hubs only has a few in his goatee. Love you babe! 🙂 Anyway, I am thrilled that we have been married for 5 years and am super excited to spend the rest of our lives in love. I know that we have our moments when we bother each other or have arguments, but we are both committed to working things out and keeping our communication lines open.

After some reflection on the past 5 years, I think I’m pretty happy and content with where we are as a family. I can tell you that I honestly never thought we’d still be living where we are, but I guess that’s okay. There’s nothing WRONG with where we live, but I just never thought we’d still be here in this same house. By the way, if you know anyone looking for a nice 3/2, I can hook you up! I’m going to be honest, this area has never really felt like “home” to me. I mean, I like it and of course I’ve lived here for 5+ years, so I’m perfectly fine living here. I love our church family, so whenever we FINALLY sell this house, we do still want to live close enough to continue to be as active as we are in this church. It’s really strange how God works things out sometimes. I mean, to be truthful, the hubs and I would love to settle in Auburn. Let’s face it. We are both crazy about the town, school, team, and the people who live there! It really is the Loveliest Village on the Plains. However, even though this place was not originally on our “ideal” location list, we’ve made it a home and we’ve finally found a place to worship where we feel like family. I would love to one day call Auburn my home, but at this point I am not ready to give up the wonderful friendships that we’ve made with the wonderful people in our church.

I don’t really know why I went off on that tangent. That’s the price I pay for being so far behind on blogging, I guess. Next up: Christmas!


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