August Rush

And no… I am not talking about the movie! 🙂

August was not too eventful either, but it was kind of a rush because school started back. Dylan is in 5th grade this year – or the kings of the pack of the elementary school. Down here in Mobile County, elementary school goes through 5th grade and middle picks up in 6th grade. I know some other places start middle school in 5th grade, but not here. For a few weeks prior to school starting, Dylan played on an Upward Soccer team that is organized through our church. There was one other kind of big thing that happened in August – my baby brother got engaged. 

That’s how we’ll start this one too, since it actually happened right at the beginning of August. Matthew and Morgan decided to go on a road trip across the country before classes started back at Auburn. They both love to travel and this was really the perfect time to plan a trip like this. Matthew would be starting back as a senior at Auburn and would be starting an internship with the Auburn Athletic Department. Morgan would be entering her sophomore year at Auburn and her second year with Omega Phi Alpha National Service Sorority. Needless to say, this year would be a busy one. So, they left from Kentucky (where Morgan is from) and drove all the way to California then back to Auburn. I think the trip took about 2 weeks. They stopped in Dallas, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tuscon, San Antonio, and New Orleans. Their stop in Tuscon actually took them to Sells, AZ, where they first met. Way back in 2008, the youth from First Baptist Church of Fulton decided to take a mission trip to an Indian Reservation in Arizona. The youth pastor got info from OneWay Ministries and they organized a trip to the Tohono O’Odham Indian Reservation in June of that year. Morgan’s mom, Karen, is active in her participation with this ministry and they were there that June. So, Matthew went on this trip with the church and that’s where he met Morgan. I don’t know if it was love at first sight or anything, but they did become fast friends. I think they made the official start of their relationship in November 2008. It was a hard road for them because both of them were still in high school and they lived about 9 hours apart. Matthew was in Thomasville, and Morgan was in Philpot, Kentucky. They managed it though. The rest of Matthew’s senior year of high school flew by and then he was a freshman at Auburn. Morgan graduated high school in 2011 and started Auburn that fall. Now, she’s a sophomore and he’s a senior. Anyway, back to their origins some. Since they met on a mission trip in AZ, Matthew wanted to go back there on their way back home. They had only been back to the area once since they started dating. I don’t know if Morgan knew why he wanted to go back at first, but it’s because my little bro is a little sappier than we all thought he would be. He wanted to go back to where they met (not only the town, but the actual reservation!) so he could pop the question there. Well, he did, and of course she said yes, so now we are anticipating a December wedding! We all went up to my parents’ the weekend they were scheduled to come back. I made a cake for them, and I really *REALLY* wish I had taken a good picture of it before we left. On the drive up there, the icing melted enough for the layers to slide apart. I was SOOOOO disgusted. I may not be Duff Goldman, but I worked for a long time on that cake and I was pretty pleased with the way it turned out. The top tier looked fine, except that the white chocolate monogram had broken, but the bottom tier was a mess. That one was the tier that slid. 

 Dylan did the Upward Soccer thing again, and I think he enjoyed it more this year because he knew more about how to play. Unfortunately, Jack was unable to help at all because he was out of town so much. The one week that he could have helped and gone to a game was the one week that Dylan got a bad case of Pharyngitis and was unable to go. Stinks. School started back right after soccer ended. The rest of August was pretty smooth sailing.


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