A little more June

Of course the CA Reunion was not the only big thing to happen in June this year. My sweet baby boy turned double digits this year. The big 1-0!

There was also another big 10 year marker, but it was a sad one for the hubs and his family. This June marked 10 years since his dad passed away. 

Unfortunately, I never got the opportunity to meet him. Though Jack and I had begun forming an email friendship at that time, we did not meet in person until December of 2002, which was 7 months after his dad’s death. I feel that he would be very proud of the husband and father that Jack has become. If you noticed the birth date and date of death in the picture, you would see that they are close together. Let’s just say that the first half of June does not illicit the most pleasant memories for Jack. There’s the anniversary of his dad’s death on June 4, then what would have been his birthday on June 10, then followed by Father’s Day, which is usually around the middle of the month. Though, now that Jack is a father, that day does hold some happiness as well. This year, since we have the 3 kids, I decided to put together a cute present. I got the initial idea from a website that I pinned on Pinterest. I thought it was a really cute idea, and decided that it would be very neat-o since we have 3 kids. 

This was my result and I’m pretty pleased with it. Of course, shortly after I took Eowyn’s picture of her holding the letter, she swung it around and clocked herself on the corner of her eye, which resulted in a teensy bit of bleeding and a LOT of crying and consoling. 

Back to Dylan’s big birthday. He’s the kind of kid who likes to read and has a pretty active imagination. He isn’t really big into sports, which is okay. He does play outside some, and he has played Upward Soccer at church for the past two years. I do wish he would show more interest in sports, but I don’t have the opportunities to get out and teach him stuff and Jack is gone a lot with work, so it doesn’t get as much emphasis. He’s a big reader, for which I am very glad. I truly believe that if you can help your child develop a love for reading, then it will be much easier for your child to learn things later in life. If for no other reason, reading can be a way to escape stress and everyone needs that kind of escape. He also likes video games. I can’t really fault him for that because if I had the time, I’d probably play them more as well. I love a good Guitar Hero or Final Fantasy game. 🙂 We had this initial idea this year to get the kids together and take them on a special trip after Christmas. We planned to be back before school started for the new year. I won’t say where we were thinking about going because it may be where we can plan it for a little later on in the school year. Anyway, once we got to thinking about it, we determined that it wouldn’t really be the best to do it at the end of the year. The point of that little diversion was so you’d understand why we got him the birthday gift that we did. If we had decided to do this trip as planned, we would not have gotten him this birthday gift because it was more than we normally spend. Since we are not doing the trip, we decided to get him a Wii. I’ve already mentioned his love of video games. There were multiple reasons for this gift. One – he likes video games. Two – he doesn’t get to play outside too often because there aren’t very many kids in our neighborhood. Three – He doesn’t have too much exposure to sports. Four – there aren’t very many things that we do as a family. I could probably go on a little more, but those were the main reasons. Obviously, he likes video games, so we knew he’d like the Wii. Since he doesn’t get too much outside play time/exercise, we got him some active games so he would get some physical activity when he played. One of the games was Wii Sports, so that increases his exposure to sporting games and provides opportunities for us to educate him on how to play certain things. These games are family oriented, so it’s possible for Jack to play a game with him or me to play a game with him and provides more opportunities for family bonding. So, all those factors were considered. Dylan was certainly surprised when he opened that gift, but he definitely loved it! Here are some pics from Dylan’s party.



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