Potty training

As mentioned in an earlier post, we had decided to take the leap and really focus on getting B potty trained this week. She had been exhibiting signs of readiness before E was born, but we couldn’t focus on it due to E’s impending arrival. Studies say that whenever a big change is coming, you shouldn’t attempt to potty train a toddler because it will be too much for them to handle. Toddlers don’t have all the same resources to cope with stressful things as adults do, and with the addition of a new sibling, it would have been too much for her. She had to adjust to having a baby in the house who cries and needs near-constant attention. She’s also had to adjust to losing some of the time and attention that she got from us. She has done remarkably well. She hasn’t shown any kind of jealousy towards E. She has kind of regressed in her eating (she wants us to feed her again) but she only does that when she’s almost done eating or when she’s sleepy. So anyway, since she has been doing so well with everything (which I’m sure is part of her easy-going temperament that she gets from her dad), we started major potty training this week, after getting home from taking D to school every morning.

On Monday, after we got home and ate breakfast, I put her cotton training pants on her, moved her potty in the kitchen, and we pretty much stayed in there all day. The kitchen/breakfast area is right by the living room, where E’s swing is, so that’s why we did it in there. I couldn’t stay in the bathroom all day when I have E to take care of as well. I also didn’t want to run the risk of her having an accident on my carpet. I already don’t like it, but I didn’t really feel like cleaning pee… B had 3 accidents on Monday before she made it to the potty. I was expecting accidents, so I didn’t get upset with her or anything. I just calmly went to her and explained it all each time so she’d understand what she needed to do. 

On Tuesday, I think she only had one or two accidents and ended up using the potty 3 times. No number 2 yet, just number 1, but I’m okay with that.

On Wednesday, after we started, she had no accidents. I decided to start putting pull-ups on her instead of the cotton pants because she was beginning to understand the sensation of having to pee and wasn’t going in her pants anymore. 

On Thursday, she was still doing great during the day. We haven’t broached the subject of night-time yet, and at this point she is still doing number 2 in her diaper, but she’s doing great.

Friday (today) has been a good day too. She’s doing great with remembering to go potty. She actually did a number 2 in her potty today too! Of course, she didn’t quite finish there… She finished in her pull up later, but hey – it’s a start! 

We’ll probably use this weekend to work on her staying dry at night (which she already does pretty well with by herself) and I feel like she’ll be able to start wearing her big girl panties next week. I’m so excited about that! I’m just so glad that she’s done so well and hasn’t fought about it at all! God has blessed me with such an easy going child! Of course, we’ll see how miss E does when she gets older 😉 I have a feeling she’ll be a little more like me 😛 haha… 

That’s all for now – oh wait! I totally have more craft projects that I’m going to work on soon and I’ll post pictures! And, I am planning to make cupcakes for D’s class on Valentines’ day with super neat different colored cupcakes!! 

Okay, that’s it, I promise 🙂


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