January ramblings

I love chocolate milk. I think the only reason I felt like starting off like that is because I happened to be drinking a glass of nice, cold chocolate milk. I’m not terribly picky about my chocolate milk (mainly because if it’s got chocolate in it, it’s usually good) but I do prefer the hand made goodness that is Hershey’s chocolate syrup being stirred into a glass of cold 2% milk. Ahhh… it’s the simple things 🙂  

Also, I love the way B says chocolate milk. It’s so cute. I made a cup for her today and she says “choquit milk.” Sounds like chaw-quit… haha.. I love it. 

B has been doing okay with the potty training these last two days. Of course, now that I’ve said that, she’ll probably revert and we’ll have to start ALL over again. When we started yesterday, she had 3 accidents in her cloth training pants and one good tinkle in the potty before we put the diaper back on so she could go to bed. It was okay though. We didn’t get upset about it. I just cleaned up where she messed (we were in the kitchen all day, so no carpet probs – yay) and kept repeating that we needed to hurry to the potty if she felt like she needed to tinkle. And, just so we all know… I don’t say “tinkle” when I talk to her about it. I tell her exactly what it is, I just didn’t think I wanted to see “pee” all over my blog 🙂 This morning, I did try to see if she would go before we left to take D to school, but she didn’t right away, and we didn’t have the time to sit and wait. So, she ended up going in her pull-up before we got back and got situated to start for today. It’s no biggie though. She did have one accident this morning after we got started, but she ended up using the potty 3 times today! Once was a little rough. She’s so used to wearing a diaper that she’s afraid she’s going to get it all over her if she’s not wearing one. The second time was a bit better and the third time was like she just sat down and did it with no fussing at all. I think that maybe, if we keep at it all week, she’ll at least have the Number 1 part down. As for the Number 2…. that’s another story. We’ve been talking about how she needs to do that in the potty as well, but she never went yesterday. I knew she’d need to go today and every time I saw her make a motion to go hide, I asked if she wanted me to put the potty somewhere so I wouldn’t see her. She said no. I took 5 minutes tonight to go get the peas cooking on the stove and that’s when she did it. Luckily, it wasn’t bad. She was wearing a pull-up instead of her cotton training pants, so we just dumped it in the toilet and cleaned up. No probs. I know it will take a little while to get her trained on that one though. It’s usually harder to do. 

I need to find some way to wake myself up in the mornings and get more motivated. Now that I’m at home, I need to start an exercise routine. I feel so blah all the time. I don’t get enough rest and part of that is my fault and the other part is because I am still breastfeeding some and my baby doesn’t quite sleep through the night yet. I tell ya, the whole breastfeeding thing was a different go-round this time. D and B were great. I was able to go 4 months with D and 3 months with B without having to supplement any type of formula. The only reason I had to start supplementing formula was because I had started back to school and work and my pumping schedule didn’t match their feeding schedules so my supply dwindled. With E, I thought it was going to be better, even easier. She started off so much better. She didn’t have any problems latching and it seemed like she would nurse for at least 10 minutes per side. I never felt full after feeding her, but I guess she never really was as efficient as she should have been. According to the doctor’s scales, by the time she was a month old, she was still 4 ounces lower than her birth weight. That’s a little low. Usually, they are at or over it by then. I had to start adding a couple of ounces of formula after every feeding. Now, luckily, I do still breastfeed. If/when she wakes up in the middle of the night, she doesn’t get a bottle. During the day, I will nurse her for as long as she wants to nurse and if she’s still hungry, I’ll make her a bottle too. She’s doing well with it. She still enjoys nursing and I am very glad that I can still do it for her. I know that I’ve just had way to much stress and my body has just decided that it’s going to combat all the stress by not producing enough supply to feed my baby… So, I’m working with what I’ve got. I try to stay hydrated and I’ve taken supplements to help increase my supply. I don’t know that it works all that well, but as long as I’m still able to nurse her, I will do it. I enjoy this time. 

E is so much more vocal than either D or B were at this age too. She will just coo at me all the time. It’s so precious, especially when she’s nursing. She’ll be eating and looking at me and she’ll just stop and smile and start cooing. I love it!! 
Back to the need for motivation… I love how sidetracked I can get 🙂
I really really want and need to get an exercise routine going, but I don’t really know what to do. I loathe the gym and treadmills. Did you see my verb usage there? I didn’t say hate. I LOATHE them. I guess I probably wouldn’t feel too bad about them if I had the energy required to maintain a membership. I have no energy. I don’t just sit around all day long doing nothing. I have enough energy to make sure my kids are taken care of and that I’ve got supper cooked and dishes washed and clothes washed. I just don’t really have the energy to do anything else. I’d really love if I could catch a nap every day. E usually naps around noon-ish, after she’s eaten, but B won’t lay down unless you make her. She still needs to take naps, but I can’t fight with her about them. I think I would have more energy in the afternoons/evenings if I could catch a 1-2 hour nap. Maybe 🙂 
I need to exercise so I can get back in shape. I have the hardest time trying to get back in shape after having kids…. Ugh!! It’s so funny. When I was pregnant with B and when I was pregnant with E, I started off being way heavier than I should have been. When I was pregnant with D, I was about 15 pounds over my lowest high school weight, and then I gained 40 pounds with him. I was never able to lose it all. When I got pregnant with B, I was about 20 pounds heavier than my starting point with D (meaning 35 pounds heavier than my high school weight) but I only gained 20 pounds during that pregnancy. With E, I was about 10 pounds heavier than my starting point with B (meaning 45 pounds heavier than my high school weight) and I probably only gained a total of 10-15 pounds with her. I had basically the same ending pregnancy weight with all three kids, and I have yet to be able to lose it at all. It seems like the only time I lost weight was when I was pregnant! Yeah, I’m not quite ready to go through that again… yet.
Argh… I know that losing weight would be a bit easier if I got enough sleep, so since it’s so close to midnight here…. I might ought to hit the sack!


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