December Updates!!

And we continue with the updates…

December was a fun time. It always is for me. I love the Christmas season. My birthday is in December, hubby and I celebrate our anniversary in December, and then Christmas is in December. Who wouldn’t love that?! Haha… Anyways, we did not get to spend my birthday together because he was out of town for work (big shocker, I know). We did get to spend our anniversary together, so that was nice. We didn’t really do anything though. We never do. My Granny had a health scare on the night before my birthday. It was kind of strange, because a little over 12 years ago, in February 1998, my Granny had a health scare on the night before my mom’s birthday. She called my mom that night and said she didn’t feel right and that she thought she might need to go to the hospital. My Granny does not say things like that often, so it was enough to get my mom going. She called the ambulance, and then, of course, beat them to Granny’s house and thus began a 2 month stay in the hospital, including brain surgery. My Granny had a cerebral aneurysm that had begun to leak. She made a complete recovery from that, so this was a whole new cause for worry. The night before my birthday, my mom went to check on her and found her flat on the floor of her house covered in blood. The end result of the tests from the doctors didn’t indicate any stroke or anything. They diagnosed her with SVT (supra ventricular tachycardia). This causes a person’s heart rate to go dangerously high, for no good reason. So, the docs think that she had an episode of that, which caused her to faint. When she fainted, she just fell and hit the floor. She had lost consciousness before she made it to the floor, so she couldn’t catch herself. She had fractured most of the bones in her face, but was otherwise okay. Since then, she has recovered a good deal, but not completely. She is still very weak and now is having to use her walker and cane, whereas before, she only used them sparingly. So, that was the big event of December.

Christmas was good, as it always is. I got to use decor mesh on my tree this year, so I was really happy about that. I also made a few wreaths out of the decor mesh and gave one to my mom, one to MIL, one to B’s babysitter, and one to M’s mom. I was really pleased with the way they turned out, so I will definitely make more.

This is the best picture I had of the tree with the decor mesh. I really love the way it turned out.

This is the box to some ornaments that hubby and I got as a wedding present from his friends. I loved that it was personalized.

I actually got some really good pictures of the kids in front of the tree this year and was able to use them as Christmas card pictures. I was REALLY happy about that!

Yay for Christmas!

D on Christmas morning

B on Christmas morning

We went up to my parent’s house for Christmas dinner. We had a great time with our family. Then we happened to notice some precipitation coming down. I first thought it was rain, so I dismissed it. Then I looked closer, and was extremely surprised to find that it was SNOWING!!! It wasn’t heavy enough to do anything, but there were actual flakes falling from the sky. I was so excited!

We did Bellingrath Gardens for Christmas again this year, but we decided to go after Christmas instead of before. We just didn’t have the time to do it before Christmas, like we have in the past. It turned out much better that way. I was able to get some passes early for us, and I bought D’s ticket online, so we were able to bypass the line. I recommend that for anyone who wants to go. The only bad thing about Bellingrath at Christmas is the line. If you can buy them online, DO IT!!

Anyway, that’s about all I have for December. 🙂

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