Continuing with updating…

So, now that I’ve made it through January with updating, it won’t be hard to bring everything up to speed and be current.

Our newest big news is that we are going to be moving to Dallas (yikes!) and that we will be welcoming a new baby in October. Here’s how it all went down:

Hubby has been happy at his job (or as happy as you can be, I guess). But, we both know that we had goals for our family that might be hard to achieve if he stayed with the company. He had put some feelers out at different times for different things. One of those feelers (that had been put out long, long ago – as in at least a year or more) came back with a bite. He had some productive conversations with the Chief Information Officer of a company that shall remain nameless right now (sorry, just have some particulars to iron out before we can get all into that). He was basically offered a job to come aboard with them as the Director of Application Support. Meaning, he would be the coordinator for any new software installs and re-trains and things of that nature. The formal letter was emailed and an application packet was received in the mail. We seriously thought and prayed about it, because if he accepted this position, it meant that we would be relocating to the Dallas area. So, obviously, we decided that it would be best for our family if he accepted the position. He will start the job on April 11, and will have to be out there living in an apartment for a while. The kids and I will remain here until school gets out. We intend to put our house on the market *hopefully* by mid- to late-April. There’s a lot that has to be done before that can happen though. I will work until school gets out. My last day of work will be the same day that D gets out of school. I will take the rest of the time through the end of June to finish getting everything in the house packed up. We plan to be out of the house by the end of June. Please say a prayer that we are able to get the house sold. There are many foreclosures in our area, and it is making house sales plummet.

As for the baby news… Hubby and I had really been trying to get pregnant for a little while now. We knew that B was going to be 2 and I really wanted to either have a baby or be pregnant by the time I turn 30 this year. So, it looks like I’m getting that wish. When all the new job stuff started becoming serious, I took a step back and decided that maybe we should postpone trying until we had that all settled. But of course, God’s timing isn’t the same as my timing, and wouldn’t you know it, when we stop trying, it happens anyway! I am very happy about it, as we all are. If you see me around and it doesn’t look that way, please believe me when I say that looks are deceiving. I am thrilled to be having another baby, but this one is quite different than my others already. I have had bleeding with this one and though everything is okay from the doctor standpoint, it’s still going on and I have to be aware of what I’m doing. I really try hard not to exert any more than I need to, because sometimes that makes it worse. I really covet your prayers for the baby. I know God will take care of all of us, but it is a very stressful time right now.

Speaking of stress… It seems like stress is my new bff that I wish would leave. My job is awful, but I’ve never really liked it anyway. I have a lot on my plate now, with the move looming ever so close. I do ask that you please not ask me if I’m excited about the move. Yeah, I’m excited because it could mean so many good things for us as a family. However, I do not really relish the fact that I’ll be at least 600 miles from my family. I know it’s going to be okay, but it’s just hard to accept that. I didn’t really get to see my family a whole lot, but it was always where I could just hop in the car and drive two hours to go spend the day or something. I’ll be alright though. It’s D I’m more concerned about. He’ll be fine with the move, but he’s going to miss his grandparents, that’s for sure. It’s always worked out where he’s been up there for Spring Breaks and a week or two over the summer and maybe every 4 or 5 weeks he’d see them over the weekend. It will be a big adjustment, but we can do it.

The hardest part for me is that hubby won’t be here a lot. I’m used to him being gone during the week from when he would travel for work, but this will be considerably different. He’s going to leave to head out there the Tuesday or Wednesday before he starts. I have no idea when he’ll be able to come back. That’s hard to fathom. I mean, he won’t ever be here for a whole week after he starts the job. He might make it back over a weekend or two, but that’s it. This is where my good buddy stress comes in. Basically, I am left to make sure all the bills for this house are still getting paid, take care of the kids, take care of myself, work full time, and somehow manage to get things packed up and ready for the realtor to take pictures so we can list the house. So, again, if you see me and I don’t seem too excited about the baby and the move, read over the previous sentence again and you might grasp why. It’s not that I’m not excited. I’m overwhelmed. I know that I have family fairly close by to be of help when I need them, but I feel really alone. My granny is having another health issue and is currently in the hospital again, so I really hate to ask my parents to do anything. They already do so much. They are being stretched thin enough as it is and I don’t want to make things harder on them. I’m so picky about the way I like things done that I don’t want to ask anyone to help because I know it won’t get done the way I want it done, which will make more work for me when I go behind the person and fix it. It sounds so petty, I know, but that’s one of my things that gets my OCD running. I need more hours in a day. I need to have time to get things together. Working full time and basically not having any free time until after 7 at night doesn’t bode well for accomplishing much. I get up at 5:30 in the morning, so I really should be in bed by 10. That gives me 3 hours. Well, at least one of those hours is for making sure D has been fed and taken care of before he goes to bed at 8. That leaves me 2 hours. That’s usually when I try to eat and get some house chores done, like dishes or clothes, and maybe catch a show or two. I sound like I’m having a pity-party and I really don’t mean to sound like that. I truly am happy about all the new things happening in our lives. I just wish I was Molly Weasley for a bit and could just wave my wand and have things done.

Ugh.. I hate being in this mindset. I’m letting the devil have a heyday with me. If nothing else, please just pray that we are able to get through all this and that God will be with us. I know He will be, but it never hurts to ask.

So, that’s everything that brings us up to date on the happenings within the Donovan family. Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Continuing with updating…

  1. It's not the devil baby! You have a LOT on your plate. Any human being would be overwhelmed. I wish I were closer to help you. Just do what mommy says and breath! Take it one day, one thing at a time. Focus on one project or one room to finish a night or a week and it will get done! Know I'm thinking about you and sending prayers and love your way.

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