October Updates

The last real post was at the end of October, so there isn’t a whole lot to update here. I did want to share in the joy that was the Corn Maze though – and a small bit of Halloween.

Hubby’s step-dad, G, and his sons thought they might try out a corn maze this past fall. It started in the middle of September and went through Halloween. It was open to the public on weekends and it was open for field trips and stuff on the week days. From what we heard, it was definitely a lot of work to put together, but it was a lot of fun too. Mom and dad came down Halloween weekend and we all drove over on October 30 to do the maze and other fun things before taking the kids to trunk or treat and one of the churches up the road from us. We all had a pretty good time.

D and B are going through the Hay Maze

Mom and the two grandkids

My mom and dad

D riding in the cow train

This was the only decent picture of them dressed in the Halloween gear. B’s costume (which said size 2T-4T) was entirely too short on her and kept riding up, no matter what she did. Serves me right to get the costume from the toy section. I’ll stick with the actual Halloween costumes from here on out!

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