Updates, updates, and some more updates

I just noticed that it has been about 3 months since I last blogged. Wow, I’m a slacker. Not really, I’ve just been busy with life, and there really hasn’t been anything to blog about. I don’t want to just blog about silly stuff and bore you all to death 🙂

So, I guess I’ll just filter through my head on things that have happened over the last three months and just update anything that needs updating. Nothing will be in any specific order, so if I jump around, I apologize in advance.

One thing that has been a praise for us, is something that started out as a worry regarding B. No, she wasn’t sick or anything. She had been at a church daycare since August of last year, when I started working full-time again. That church daycare had been a great place. Everyone was so nice and it really was a good environment for her. As a rule, I don’t actually like daycares. Mainly because if one kid gets a cold, every kid will get it and will keep it for two months. It will just be a vicious cycle of sickness. The second reason I didn’t really like it was that they always called me whenever they thought that B was showing the slightest sickness sign. I understand that if your kid has a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea, you have to take extra precautions that the other kids don’t get it. Well, the kicker was, B never got any of that. She would run a fever the day after she would have shots, and when she was teething. It wouldn’t be anything big, and she would feel absolutely fine, but it never failed. I got a call from them that B had a fever and I would have to either leave early myself, or see if hubby could leave early and get her. The whole sickness thing is why she had to have tubes put in also. Less than a month after starting daycare, she had her first ear infection, and had 4 more within the next 2 months. It’s normal for a kid to have between 6 and 12 in a year/year and a half time span, but she had 5 in three months. So, we had to do tubes. The first set was in November 2009. When we went back for the follow up (2 wks), one came out and we had to reschedule to put it back in. In January this year, we had it put back in and he went ahead and replaced the other, just so a fresh set would be in all at one time. We have had ZERO problems since then. At her 4 month follow up, things were great and he said to follow up again in 2 months. 2 months later, still looking good and scheduled another 2 month follow up. The reason behind the 2 month follow ups was that the tubes can typically come out after 6 months, so he wanted to keep a check on them. Hubby took her back for that visit last Wednesday, and one of the tubes had already come out. The ear still looked good, all clear and stuff, and the other tube was still in and still working. So, he said to schedule a 4 month follow up, since she’s been doing so well. Obviously, if she gets another infection, we’ll go back before the 4 months, but if all goes smoothly, we may never have to get another set of tubes. I’m really praying for that! It would be very nice.

Part of the reason that B has been doing so well is the tubes, but also the fact that she is no longer in a daycare setting with tons of sick, snotty-nosed kids. Her church daycare closed right before Labor Day. I knew they were closing the Friday before Labor Day, but they made an executive decision to close about 2 weeks before that. I found out on Thursday, and they were closing on Friday. Really a great thing, let me tell you. So, I already had checked around and had found another where I would enroll her, but I had told them I wouldn’t need it until after Labor Day. They weren’t going to have a spot available until then. One of the ladies who worked at the church daycare said that she was going to see about getting her license and opening up a home daycare. She asked if we would let her just keep B and one other kid until she was able to get that done. We went out to her house and met her family, and just checked out everything. I’m going to give all the glory to God here, because it has been the BEST blessing to have B with her. She said that she might not even go through with getting a license, because she loves just keeping B and the other little girl. B loves her to death. She is just such a great person to have keeping B. She loves them like they were her own and it shows so much. She even made both the girls little pillowcase dresses. How many babysitters do you know that will do that? So, because B is now in a setting where it’s clean a LOT more than it was at daycare, and there are no other sick kids around, she’s not getting sick much and therefore, not having the problem with drainage in her ears.

In work news… well, there’s not really any news to report there. I did finally become full-time, but that was in June. I keep doing my job and keeping my nose clean. I did interview for another position, but I haven’t heard anything from it. I’m not too sure that I want it. It would be a pay raise, but it’s similar to what hubby does (minus the travel) and I don’t know that I would be very good in that kind of position. So, we’ll see. Hubby is still working his butt off, and not getting any real credit for what he’s done. It really frustrates me to see how hard he works to get his job done and to get it done well, and they keep passing him over for things. He has a co-worker that just experienced that herself. She has been with the company for some years now and was trying for an assistant mgr position. She was qualified with education, work experience, and travel experience, and yet they still passed her (and others equally qualified) over and gave the position to a TRAINEE who had only been with the company for about 6 months. So, you see the frustration there.

D is doing well in school, other than talking too much, but I can’t really do much about that. I am told that I was quite the talker in my day as well. 🙂 He is in PACE, which is the gifted program for the Public School System. He is doing okay there also. He has a project to work on, which requires the use of a PowerPoint presentation. I was a little surprised at that, because I don’t know many 3rd graders who need to use PowerPoint. I learned how to use it in high school, but I didn’t actually have to use it in an assignment/project until college. So, it should be interesting. He is too smart for his own good sometimes. I don’t know his exact reading level, but I can guarantee that he reads at least 2 grade levels higher than 3rd grade. I was going to start him on the Harry Potter series, because he does enjoy the movies. We started reading the first book together, and he decided he wanted to finish it. He had it read in a week. Now, with me being an avid reader myself, you have to think about it for a bit. This is a kid who is 8 years old. The first Harry Potter book is meant for kids from 10-12, because that is the age of Harry Potter when it starts out. D is ready to go on to the next books, but I think I’m still going to hold off and let him get to 5th grade before we work on the rest. We started him in Cub Scouts because we need him to have a safe outlet where he can meet other kids and make friends. It’s a hard thing, working full-time, and then trying to get home to pick up the kids on time and make sure one is ready for scouts and the other has eat and is ready for bed. It’s even harder when hubby is out of town, like he is this week.

Here is another reason why I love B’s babysitter. I can take food for B to have for lunch and dinner on Tuesday (the day of D’s den meeting). I’ll go pick D up from school and take him home to get him ready for scouts. I take him to scouts, sometimes stay for the meeting, pick B up after, and she will have already eaten dinner and will be ready for bed when we get home. So nice!

We went to Auburn this weekend for the Arkansas game. So fun! It was also D’s first experience at an Auburn game. He wasn’t too sure about it all at first, because it was so hot and he was not used to being at that kind of sporting event. But, once the temperature started to cool down and he started listening to the band and stuff, he really enjoyed himself. He’s not terribly into sports right now, and I’m okay with that, but I do want him to be involved in this with us. Both hubby and I love Auburn football and we want to include him when we do this kind of thing. B got to go on her first overnight trip without mommy this weekend as well. When we went up to Auburn, we dropped B with my parents for the weekend. I think she enjoyed herself too, and she did well. I was a little concerned, because she has really only ever had me be the one putting her to bed, so I wasn’t sure how that would go over. But, I think it went well, and it shows that it will be easier to do again.

Hmmm… I think that may be all the updating I can do right now. I can’t think of anything else, and I need to get cleaned up and ready for work tomorrow. So, peace out and WAR EAGLE!

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