Time Passing By

Time passes. Even when it seems impossible.
In less than 24 hours, my sweet little girl will officially be “one year old.” Seriously? Has it been a whole dang year already? I swear I feel like it was just yesterday that I was in the hospital having her. I wish she could stay my sweet baby for longer than this! It has been a ride this year. It’s been an adjustment, having two kids now, but I’ve loved every minute of it. D has been a huge help and he just gets smarter every day too! It is so amazing how quickly your children grow. It’s really no longer or shorter than normal, but there is just so much that happens in the first year…. Soon she’ll be telling me that she can do it herself (I was quite famous for that when I was little!) and going to school and riding bikes…. It is so bittersweet. I love to watch D and B grow and learn, but all the while, I know that all the love and teaching I am giving is only to prepare them for their lives after they leave home. I am raising them so they can leave and live on their own. Wow… it’s really an even sadder concept now. I don’t want my babies to leave! I do want them to grow and learn and be wonderful people, but it’s sad to know that they will leave me one day. I always knew this though. Even when I was younger, I knew this cycle. It’s why I always got teary while watching “The Little Mermaid.” Yeah, I said it. The part where they get married at the end. I always got sniffly when I was younger because I knew that I would get married and leave my family one day. Now, I get sniffly because I know my babies will be there soon. Time just moves so quickly.
Treasure your babies (even the big ones!). They will be grown and gone before you know it. Give them all the love that is in your heart. Teach them the ways of the Lord. Give of your time, any time you have. You never know when it will be the last. Kiss your children every night when they go to bed. Those moments mean so much to a child. Praise their accomplishments. Give a listening ear when they fail. Be there. Even if they don’t want you to talk, they want you to be there. LOVE THEM. More than you think you could ever love anything or anyone, love them.

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