I will praise You in this Storm

I definitely need some help and prayers right now. Sometimes it seems like certain things or people exist to make my life difficult. This temp thing at work is getting really old too. B has to have the tube put back in her right ear because it came out a few weeks ago. It’s not a big deal, no big procedure, just standard stuff. She has to go to a “pre-op” appointment the day before. So, the pre-op will be on Monday afternoon, with the surgery to be Tuesday morning. I emailed my manager about it and got it straight with them, letting them know that I would have someone that could get my work done, so nothing would be a problem. (I’ll have to be out the whole day) He emailed me back and said it was fine. Then a little while later, he asked me to come to his office. He said that next week is still a go and everything is okay there. Then he said that I really don’t need to miss any more days of work through the rest of January. He said that things are kind of backed up in my area (which they are not… I know, I work there) and that if I missed any more work in January that they would basically let me go. His actual words were, “we’ll have to find someone else.” Now, I understand that they don’t want me to miss work. What employer wants their employees to miss work? And, true, I have missed more work (by leaving early for Dr. appts, and/or being out sick or taking care of sick kids) than I would have liked. However, I haven’t missed a single day or left early one time just because I wanted to, or for no really good reason. I wish I had time off and was accruing it so I could take off, but I don’t have it yet. It’s just really not fair that I am in danger of losing my job simply because I have to be a mom. That’s basically what it boils down to. I know that there are people in this world who use sick kids as an excuse sometimes (when they are really not sick), but I am not one of them. I have never worked at a place where they are so unbending when this stuff happens. Even Wal*Mart was understanding about this, and I was just a part-time employee there! This is hard mainly because I have to make a follow-up appointment for her after the surgery, but I won’t do it unless I can find someone who will take her. Hubby won’t be back in from his install until the end of January and then he’ll have to be in-house for a bit. On top of this, I have jury duty at the beginning of February, so I’ll have to take my stuff to them this week to prove that I have it and to make sure that it will be okay for me to do my jury duty (that I wish I could get out of). Things are just so stressful. I had perfect blood pressure all my life and all through both of my pregnancies, but it has definitely gone up since I got this job. The job is easy and the tasks are not stressful at all. I can totally handle the workload and everything. This temp thing is what gets me. If I wasn’t a temp, I wouldn’t be having these issues. I’d have the time to use and they wouldn’t be able to say anything about it. Please just pray that everything works out. God takes care of me always, but it couldn’t hurt to have a few extra prayers sent up!

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