Crashing down

I am at a loss right now. I don’t know what to do or even think. Just when it seems like things are starting to work themselves out and I’m getting in the swing of things at work, something else just goes wrong. B had a fever all night long last night. It wasn’t really high, but she still had one this morning. And, as we all know, a daycare won’t take them when they have a fever. And another thing, wouldn’t you know it, but hubby is out of town this week in Texas. Things like this always seem to happen when he’s gone too. So, I had to stay home with her today. I don’t have anyone who can come keep her at the drop of a hat. My aunt stays with my grandmother in Thomasville. If I had known she would be sick all night and likely have to stay home, I would have called her yesterday to see if she could come down and keep her. But, I didn’t know that. I can’t call my MIL on such short notice because she already has things going on. I literally have no one else that can take care of them if they start running fever and can’t go to school/daycare. So this is my third absence from work. I had to miss 2 days a few weeks ago when I caught the flu. In my particular position, I have to work through a temp agency for 6 months. There is a high rate of turnover there. While you are in the temp status, you are not supposed to miss any work, but they are supposed to be understanding when it comes to being sick and/or taking care of sick children. I just got a call from one of my “higher-ups” and she told me that if I missed one more day of work they would have to let me go. I know I’ve missed work, but I am not skipping for enjoyment. I was sick a few weeks ago and now my daughter is sick and I have no one else that can keep her. So, needless to say, I am pretty darn stressed right now. I think she’ll be better and will be able to go on to daycare tomorrow, but what about the next time she surprisingly gets sick? What about if I get sick again? What am I supposed to do here? And, if I’m lucky enough to keep all of us well until next month, what will happen when I need to leave early to take them to doctor and dentist appointments? I really need some prayer warriors here. I don’t know what to do and I am afraid that something will come up again and I will lose my job.


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