Quick Prayer Request

I just wanted to get on here and give a quick prayer request. Hubby came home from work today and said that there were two openings at work and he put in for both of them. He is not getting his hopes up about either of them because he doesn’t want to be disappointed. There is nothing wrong with his current position, and he would be fine staying there if he didn’t get one of these.

The first position is an in-house rep, which has the same responsibilities as his current position, except for the traveling. He would not travel in this position, unless it was absolutely necessary, like an emergency or something. The stuff for which he is currently responsible when he is in-house is the same stuff he’d be doing if he got this position. The only difference is the traveling.

The second position is an assistant manager position. I didn’t ask him to elaborate on it much, because I don’t want to get any details unless he actually gets the job. We know it would be a pay increase, but there would be more and different types of responsibility.

I actually have no preference here. I would like for him to travel less, but the pay increase would be nice too. Neither position would equal a pay-cut, nor would would he get a pay-cut if he didn’t get one of them. So, I am really just trusting God here. I will be fine whatever happens. I just want some extra help praying that it will turn out as God sees fit.

Thanks so much!


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